A Test of Determination


“Never give up and never give in.” is just one of the many affirmations I use to keep me going.  Life is tough and obstacles often surface to test our determination.  They often pop up to ask ‘How bad do we want it?”  If we do not flex our endurance, the obstacles win and they grow bigger.  Conquering challenges grows us in more ways than we can imagine.  It sets an intent in the universal order of things that stamps an imprint and sends out an echo that repeats itself “I am worthy.”,  “I am deserving.” , “I am committed.”,  “I am a warrior…a conquering over what is often meant to hold me back.”, and many other positive affirming signals.  The more you conquer, the less you will be given to conquer as determination becomes second nature as in having a “piece of cake” mindset.

A recent travel journey became a Test of Determination.  I knew it wasn’t a good sign when I pulled off the highway for Long Term Parking at the airport and the lots were either closed or almost full.  It was surreal driving in early morning darkness looking for a space and praying.  Once parked and on a full shuttle to the terminal, I realized that more than the expected number of passengers were traveling for the Memorial Holiday Weekend….many more beyond the estimated.  The intuitive signs and symbols along the way were signaling that I was in for a serious challenge.  I grounded myself and said whatever I’m facing inside the terminal, I will be okay with it and will yield to divine order and purpose.  I asked God to allow me to see the intent.  I asked Him to reveal to me whether or not I am to make this trip or not.

The ticketing agent that took my baggage indicated that I would more than likely miss my flight and that the rebooking would be extremely difficult if at all possible.  I kept praying to God to just show me what to do on this journey.  My eyes were in disbelief at the TSA lines that I saw at the gate entrances.  A line that wrapped around five times and down hallways in front of the back offices of the airport operations.  Lines of passengers that were speaking the words “I will miss my flight.”  There were not many complaints at all.  The expressions on the faces of those that hit the corner where the line turned down by offices were priceless.  There was only one person who asked nicely for others to allow her to the front of the line so she could make her flight.  A few in line encouraged me to do the same.  I explained that if I miss the flight, I wasn’t supposed to be on that one.

I missed the flight by 5 minutes.  The same agent that took my baggage met me at the gate and explained she had already secured my luggage and was making arrangements for me to fly out on the next flight in three hours even if meant taking an “employee seat”.  I was absolutely fine and paid for the change in flight.  The airlines made a small fortune that day with change of flight fees.  TSA would not take ownership whatsoever which would mean no cost to travelers.  I would use the extra time to work on blogs and my novel….THREE hours of patiently enjoying the delay.  I spoke often to angels and guides asking them to strengthen me as it was going to be a VERY long day.  I prayed that I stood the test.  As I reached for my laptop, I realized I had not packed my charger.  I was traveling to paradise in British Columbia to recharge and to jump start several projects as well as spend time with friends.  One store assured me they had a charger to fit.  With 10 pins to choose from, none worked.  Off to another store where a wonderful sales person went the extra mile to not only open box after box to find a pin but also cleaned my laptop as he explained that he enjoyed doing so.

Finally, I get to board my flight to Toronto.  The baggage compartments were just about full.  One attendant said, that my computer bag was not going to fit.  I simply looked at her and said “I so believe in miracles.”  It fit just fine in a space that had a few people say “Wow”.  Upon landing in Toronto, it took 20 minutes just to taxi to the terminal.  I exited the plane and retrieved my luggage.  Thankful I only had one suitcase as the walk to my connecting flight gate and customs was incredibly long with no moving walkways and up and down escalators.  I was definitely being tested and getting a physical and mental work out.  I empowered myself constantly with positive affirmations and adjusted my energy to keep me going.  I would then stand in line for customs for 45 minutes.  The remainder of the time was spent getting something to eat and looking for an available charging station to charge my phone to check on my son at the least.  I sat in one spot with chargers and was told I had to move because I was not a patron of that particular restaurant.  Goodness, did it really matter was my first thought.  I moved on and sat next to an Air Canada flight attendant with whom I would enjoy a beautiful conversation.  We finally were called to board to travel on to Vancouver.  I had the best seat mates ever.  Two wonderful young men that shared information and insight and explained the landscape and travel route as well as helped me to work the display panel for my seat.  They constantly checked on me to make sure I was okay and was not fading.  One was even gracious enough to ask the attendant to speak to the pilot to allow me exit off first so I would not miss my next flight into Kelowna.  How sweet is that?!

I would stay in Vancouver for what would be a short layover.  However, the challenges persisted.  The incoming flight was delayed.  When it did arrive and we were just about ready to board, a mechanical problem was discovered.  An announcement was made expressing uncertainty that another plane would be located and the length of the delay was questionable.  More prayers and patience.  Another announcement was made indicating a craft was found to take us on to Kelowna and a gate change was made.  My final destination to Shuswap, British Columbia was becoming a reality.  My friends that were picking me up were apprised of my travel along the way and we joked about the tests I was passing.  I cannot thank them enough for having compassion and understanding.  After an over 6 hour delayed arrival and over 23 hours of being awake, I was FINALLY on the ground and on my way to paradise.  Arriving in the dark, I could not see the complete beauty of the Canadian countryside but I could feel it.  I knew I was someplace very special.

When I woke up the next morning, it was crystal clear as to why I was challenged.  The mountains, the water, the trees and plants, the air, and much more…..the magical wonder of paradise was wonderfully revealed like the best present ever on a Christmas morning….just what I wished for and needed.  What if I had given up?

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