5 Simple Keys to Migraine Prevention – by Lynne Wadsworth

by | May 14, 2016 | Put it in Perspective Blog

I hope you have had a good week, and have stayed migraine and headache-free this week. That’s always a good week!!

Although a migraine is said to be one of the more common headaches, migraine sufferers would be quick to disagree. For one thing, migraine sufferers do not consider migraines to be “a headache,” and for another thing, in the mind of a migraine sufferer, migraine is anything but common.

Migraine attacks can range anywhere from infrequent to daily in a migraineurs life. Once a migraine attacks, it can make it impossible for a migraine sufferer to carry on with their daily routines and activities. Some may take medication at the onset of migraines, which offer some relief, while others take preventative medications with the hopes of minimizing the attacks. For me personally, migraine preventatives just did not work. I tried many, but never did I find one that helped prevent attacks — if I could even tolerate them.

Living with pain can take a great toll not just on our body, but emotionally, and of course, socially. In my own life, my migraines became almost daily. While some were intolerable and left me in bed the entire weekend, others were tolerable and I continued my work routine — feeling miserable.

Most of you, by now, know my story. I finally found a way to break the cycle for good. I am blessed to have an holistic outlet here in a local hospital, where they got me off my meds and “turned me on” to a more holistic approach. This was during the time I was in college at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I had already learned ways to start helping my headaches, but at that point had been hooked on the meds. So after going through their program, it took me a couple of months, but I was finally medication-free (bye-bye narcotics) and began my new holistic journey.

So I quickly want to share five simple ways you can help prevent your migraines with an holistic approach.

  1.   Diet

I put this first because for me it has been one of the most effective things in my life that has prevented migraines.

Learn how to eat right. A balanced and adequate diet is essential in helping to reduce or prevent migraines. You should include lush green leafy vegetables, oily fish, fruits rich in vitamin C, olive oil, lean animal protein and, of course, whole grains. It is better to eat meats in moderation, and you should avoid canned foods, processed foods, frozen meals, spicy foods, sweets, chocolates, alcohol and caffeine. Of course, not all of you will be adversely affected by all of these things, which is why learning your food triggers is so important.

If you don’t know yet what your triggers are, download my FREE eBook, “12 Migraine Triggers and Solutions.”

  1.  Fasting

As well as diet changes, it is also important that you realize as a migraine sufferer, prolonged fasting is detrimental. This causes a decrease in blood sugar levels which, in turn, makes you more vulnerable to migraines. As a migraine sufferer, it is much better to keep up a consistent 3-meal-a-day diet with a couple of snacks in between. Going without food is definitely a migraine trigger.

  1. Hydration

I know I have mentioned this many times before, but I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of staying hydrated. You should aim for at least 8-8 oz. glasses of water per day for maximum benefit. If you live in a high altitude area, you probably should consider drinking more than that. Don’t forget, if you are eating the right foods, like green leafy vegetables, and drinking a vegetable-based smoothie, that also adds to your water intake. However, did you know that for every cup of coffee or soda you drink, you should actually drink double that amount of water, as sodas and caffeinated beverages have a tendency to dehydrate?

  1.   Relax

Learning relaxation techniques is invaluable for someone who suffers with migraines. Many times, migraines are triggered by stress. Some of the things you can do to help yourself relax include:

  • Regular physical exercise
  • Long relaxing baths
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Massages
  • Essential oils
  • Mood music
  • Learning breathing techniques
  • Learn some quick meditation techniques
  1.  Sleep

This is another one I have mentioned several times. Good sleep habits are an essential component for people who suffer with migraines. Whether you realize it or not, either too much or too little sleep can be a trigger. With our busy lives, it is often difficult to get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but as a migraine sufferer, it should be one of your top priorities. Your sleep habits should be consistent; go to bed at the same time, and wake up at the same time each day. Learn habits that will help you wind down at night before bed, so that you can easily fall asleep.

These are only five areas that can help you in preventing your migraines, and all of these are things you should be incorporating into your life on a daily basis. Consistency is important for a migraine sufferer. A diversion from normal routines can trigger a migraine attack and can leave you miserable and out of control. Learn healthy habits that will help you prevent migraines.

I would love help you learn some key areas that are personalized to your own life and which will help you with migraine prevention and pain relief. Hop on a FREE call with me so that we can strategize and maximize your potential for migraine relief. Be the first caller and receive a free paperback copy of my book, “The Ultimate Migraine Handbook: An Holistic Approach to Pain Relief.” Be sure to mention this article when you call.

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