About Us

Put It In Perspective is a woman owned new-age Life, Spiritual, Christian Coaching and Healing entity.  We work with individuals to help them achieve self-satisfaction while executing their life purpose plans and dreams.  Formerly started in 2012, Put It In Perspective has been operational for more than 10 years.  Our client base is diversified and consists of the young and old across the globe.  Our virtual tools allow us to reach masses of those desiring life changes.  We also work with those individuals that have a need to manage life’s simple and complex demands to maximize fulfillment.   We take you through an extremely rewarding 7-step process that has been proven highly effective by thousands.

Whether your desire is to be a better student, create your own business, heal from life events, address transitions such as marriage, death or divorce, change professions or simply become more organized, Put It In Perspective will help you get there.  We can also assist you with preparing for job interviews and speaking engagements.  Every aspect of life is a process and we will show you how to go through the steps and come out with positive results and a better outlook on life.

We believe in quality over quantity. You will have the enjoyment of working with your own personal Certified Coach in a one-on-one setting or you may opt to participate in one of our weekend group workshops.  Regardless of how you choose to connect with us, you will have our undivided attention. Our virtual program allows us to work out with you through different life or environmental challenges.  We take small steps to reach goals that make huge differences on the quality of life.

We at Put It In Perspective are not successful unless you are.

Put It In Perspective

Ms. Felicia has an incredible amount of knowledge, life-experiences, resources, and patience. Her insight is amazing with very simple and realistic approaches. Change wasn’t hard at all.

I got immediate results from working the PIIP staff. After the Consultation In-take Session, I was more at ease and excited about making changes.

The minute my Coach explained how the first step is to create a sacred space, I knew that my sessions were going to be great and I felt extremely safe.

Hearing about the PIIP workshop themes was refreshing in itself. There were over 100 to choose from. We selected the Looking Deeper at Our Gifts for our group outing and could not have been more pleased.