Gratitude Is Key To Overcoming Difficult Times

Being grateful during difficult times seems almost impossible for some. I am crafting this very GRATEFUL blog to let you know that you CAN be grateful at all times especially when things do not appear to be working in your favor. Ignore the illusion of denial and depletion. We can ALWAYS find something to be grateful for regardless of how dark life may seem. Be grateful you can read to receive this message and you are creating more opportunities for gratitude to exist. Understanding the Law of Attraction and gratefulness can support you in lifting away burdens and downtrodden feelings.

Look around, are there not trees and are there not plants. Be grateful for those very things that we need. Caring for those things we need will even do us one better in the grateful department. I’m sure you have heard the concept of tree hugging and connecting to nature to heal. Well, that also works with gratefulness. Thanking plant life is just one way to raise the vibration around you and tell the universe to send more opportunities. Plants thrive on love and appreciate and reward us in return by sustaining our lives.

When times are tough, being grateful for what others have is setting the tone that you are unselfish and unconditional and recognize that we are all deserving. Your time will come and others will be grateful for you and therefore, the gratitude vibration grows. I personally have seen extremely difficult times in every life aspect – financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I have seen the worst. YET, I have always found a spec or a mountain of something to be grateful for even if belonged to someone else. Gratitude has been my saving grace and I am here to tell you that practicing recognizing the presence of gratefulness creates more abundance. During some of the darkest times, I have found a way to get outside, align with others, or spend time alone just being grateful for anything and all things. It may sound strange but the simple things that most would take for granted have a times brought me pure elation through gratitude. I break out in a “Thank you Jesus – I am so grateful” stance over the common things in life and it helps me to overcome setbacks. I shout gratitude to the roof tops. I have done this as a child and of course I’ve been labeled crazy for being grateful for having matching socks but truly it has set the tone of appreciation.

The flow of abundance comes from gratitude. We are often conditioned to deny our blessings, hide them, feel guilty about having and even give them away….we have been conditioned to feel undeserving. The universe is beyond abundant and we are so deserving. Remaining humble and free to receive is key. Never let anyone or any force make you believe that you’re supposed to struggle, be without, cannot be supported, remain broken and down and out. Never let anything steal your gratitude vibration. It belongs to you and you are worthy. When we deny this, we are sending the wrong signals. Ignore all jealousy and envy because you may have what others want. It’s yours and it’s your birthright. Create more receivership with the gratitude tool of thankfulness. Thank and bless every single thing on your path and you will always have what you need and what is for you.

I am so grateful to share this insight with you. I have a computer, electricity and a WIFI connection to deliver this message along with the wisdom to share it. For that I am very appreciative. To be able to do anything creates so much joy and gratefulness that I am actually empowered with the ability and resources to do even more. It’s a beautiful ripple. At times, I do not readily know where what I receive comes from and then I remember the intents of gratitude that I constantly and consistently set. Things have a way of working out when we are grateful and when we give. The key to overcoming difficult times is gratitude. BE GRATEFUL.