It’s a great time to be alive and able as we witness unprecedented shifts in every life element.  I prefer to label this temporary holding pattern as one for great OPPORTUNITIES rather than difficulty.  There have been losses and gains. Many are not here or able.  However, I do believe this particular time has been one of tremendous learning and growth for humanity…a shift it mindset, practices, values and priorities.  When we flip the script, things change.  Let’s hold space for each other especially for those who have gone on before us.

For us remaining, we have found ways and strength we never knew we had or that they existing.  We’ve infused work arounds, make do, settle for less (but don’t settle for certain things), heightened giving, picking up the pieces, aligning more to purpose and intents, trusting our higher power, planting and cultivating, raising levels of GRATITUDE to heights unseen before and quite frankly letting some things and some people go. We are now forever different. The key is we are still here and we have a role to play in what’s next.

Some of us have been getting by and addressing the associated trauma with using our hands to do artwork and crafts.  It is one of the best modalities for healing.  The adrenaline associated with insecurity is being channeled into BEAUTIFUL art, stories, dreams and solutions.  Whether we spend time coloring, painting, chipping at wood, working a potter’s wheel, bending metal, and other forms of creativity.  For me, I have spent time sewing and felting to calm any anxiety and as a method of determination to keep going and growing. I have designed and shared wrap skirts and my signature Healing Wraps to share with others in many ways.  I have provided gifts of skirts, bartered skirts, given wraps and carried on “business as usual” with both virtual and in person exhibits for my award-winning Healing Wraps.  Artists are not seeing the foot traffic of followers but most of us firmly believe in intents. If we put out high vibrational work out there, a positive response back will be received and we never know how it will show up.

During this time art along with science and wellness is a forum that has received tremendous attention.  The reason being is ART HEALS.  Art produces a chemical reaction in the brain triggering what we need. Emotions, both good and bad, can be released by way of a piece of art.  Thereby, allowing the body to manage the chemical reactions associated with joy, ecstasy, sadness, grief and depression.  We have been hindered by all emotions by not being able to celebrate (ex: birthdays) or to continue with traditions (ex: care and even burials).  The new normal includes a lot of art.  People of every walk are turning to artistic outlets and there is no right or wrong way to do it.  It is ART and requires no judgement.

Art heals us during times of uncertain OPPORTUNITIES and brings us together.  It’s a universal healing form.  Today’s virtual settings have made it possible for individuals to connect from one part of the globe to another and that in itself is HEALING.  Podcasts, virtual sessions such as paint parties, appropriate distance in-person events and other means have allowed us to connect and reinforce that there is meaning to LIFE.  Art stimulates and allows us to stretch the mind to craft solutions to problems or new ways to survive. Legos have long been used by scientists and engineers to build models.  Today they are used to increase awareness and attention.  Knitting is being prescribed for arthritis.  And then there is coloring which has amazing healing powers.  Everyone can benefit from a time out or several to help combat the traumas we are all now exposed to.

Life is different but art remains consistent.  For centuries it has been a conduit and methodology to life sustainment.  Whether you are a fiber or paper artist or not an artist at all, allow art to heal. Work with the hands to connect the mind, heart and spirit. It’s okay to create and we actually all benefit from that very special vibration. Energy doesn’t like and when we put it in creation and creativity, GREAT things unfold.  Set the intent that healing will occur and allow art to heal.  Do your art!  Wishing us all the best and brightest for what is next for humanity.  It will definitely include ART.

This blog features the Healing Wrap, “Chakra Love” (2019)