Taking Breaks is Vital by Felicia Reed, Certified Life Coach

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Put it in Perspective Blog

Taking Breaks is Vital by Felicia Reed, Certified Life Coach

Life is tough this days.  We are constantly bombarded with needs and wants more than ever.  Our email needs us, our kids need us, our homes need us, our activities need us, the work that we do needs us, our challenges needs us, our social media sites needs us….we are needed.  With today’s manner in which we operate and conduct business, we are “switched on” almost 24/7.  We’ve gotten away from “taking breaks” and ensuring that the perception of “breaks” is acceptable.

Breaks are vital and they are okay.  We need to honor the “break” concept more by taking life rest periods and ensuring that others are resting, restoring and recharging with breaks.  Our minds and bodies are not completely shutting down as we are always connected.  We are all guilty.  However, it is vital that we step away for short and at times long periods of time.

A break can instantly reset the brain waves and redirect attention to areas of the body and mind that need to heal.  Often we are not healing fast enough because we don’t allow the brain to focus on our healing needs.  The brain becomes overtaxed if it hasn’t been trained to digress naturally.  We don’t do enough day dreaming, wishing and just plain ole fashioned spending our time with “what if” moments.  It is in that time that innovation and creation grow.  It is in the “what if” moments that we find answers to questions we have been seeking.  It’s the “what if” moments that send energy to the ailments and blood flow.  Disengaging and shutting down is crucial to life sustainability.  We rarely see “Do Not Disturb” signs during times of today.

Tips for taking breaks:

-Get outside no matter where you are and connect with something in nature for at least 15 minutes.

-Switch gears when possible.  Repetitive work (other than hobbies such as knitting, wood sanding, etc.) clogs the brain.

-Shut down all electronics to include televisions, phones, computers, and devices.

-Change the lighting. Dim lighting soothes the mind.

-Go somewhere if possible even if it is local.  Changes in scenery greatly help.

-Connect with others on a regular basis for non-work interaction.  We’ve gotten away from the social in socialization.

-Be quiet for 30 minutes.  Doing nothing is awesome break.  It’s okay to do nothing.

-Write not type.  Our communication has drastically changed and writing has become obsolete.  Write daily.

-Complete crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word searches and shape puzzles.  It’s not work, it’s massaging the brain in a gentle way so it can be productive in other ways.

-Work out.

-Take deep breathes.   We are often not even breathing these days as anxiety is actually suffocating us.

-Work out with a coach to become more productive in healthy ways and to ensure you are implemented taking breaks.


About Felicia Reed

Ms. Reed is a certified Life Purpose, Spiritual and Christian Coach (member of the International Coach Federation) as well as a Holistic Wellness Advocate with proven results.  She works with groups and individuals to promote positive and constructive life changes and infuses the use of energy healing, the use of essential oils as well as other modalities. She has a firm belief that the better we feel, the better we are able to live productive lives. Ms. Reed is a survivor of several life-altering traumatic experiences where she firmly believes that coaching and self-healing saved her life.  She understands building the required determination and desire through difficult times to move forward.

Ms. Reed has a strong desire to give back and has served on various boards and community service programs as a key volunteer and activist.  Currently, she supports many local and national organizations in the areas of wellness and quality.  She has been passionate about sharing quality management concepts with everyone she touches.  She’s certain that these quality management tools also make great life purpose tools and therefore, helps others to apply these techniques to achieve positive results.  After all, LIFE IS A PROCESS and we are all trying to get from Point A to Point B and beyond.

Ms. Reed resides in Maryland but works globally to make a difference. Her client base spans from California to Russia.  The Put It In Perspective website is  The company FaceBook page is  Her team can be reached at