The Bond With My Daughter – by Balinda Roldan

by | Apr 23, 2016 | Put it in Perspective Blog

The Bond With My Daughter – by Balinda Roldan

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.”~Unknown

From the moment this young woman took her first breath to now as I blog these heartfelt words, this beautiful amazing young woman is the reason I breathe. As a reckless young woman that I was my daughter, Gabriella Elizabeth saved my life. On the announcement of her pending arrival I was in the midst of making poor choices and choosing all the wrong roads. Her beauty from the moment I held her for the first time took my breath away. So blessed that God had laid a plan to trust me with such a fragile life and mold it, was so far out of the scope of my vision. But I realize that blessing and I kept her best interest in everything I have done since she entered my life. We have a bond like no other, it truly has been she and I against the world! Life has not always been perfect for us but we made it through it perfectly together. I have often watched her from a far in awe of the amazing person she has blossomed into. She is beautiful and humble to a fault.

Mother’s Day never needs to offer me a present because God gave me her. And as life journey goes I now have the opportunity to watch her become the best mother she can be to her children. It’s a beautiful validation to see her putting into practice the very teachings I have tried to instill in her.

In short, she is my life, I am blessed!


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